Justine Barbier - Consultations


Coming from a family of doctors over several generations (a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst father, a pharmacist mother, and ancestors who were interested in the philosophy of care), my approach seemed to me to follow this path.

I offer support sessions which, based on the route and ideas of great authors, great thinkers, poets, women and men of letters, women and men who were philosophers, individuals who have ” acted as men of thought and thought as men of action ”, will allow us to reorient our conception of the world, to finally take control of our destiny.

It is not a question of replacing a psychologist, nor a psychoanalyst, nor of substituting anyone. It is only a question of bringing to life a philosophy, that is to say, a love of wisdom, which bears fruits. I believe that the answers to many of our aches are there, perhaps still hidden, but already present, impatiently awaiting the harvest. Problems that are called “psychological” can find their answer in the love of wisdom, or in the wisdom of love, the other name for spirituality. Because the love of wisdom, fortunately, seems to lead to the wisdom of love.

We will dip our nib in the inkwell of life, like Blaise Cendrars. I will try to help you always have the highest vision of yourself. I will try with you to give back to this beautiful word of maieutics, its fullest meaning. Because it’s indeed about giving birth to oneself. To heal the mind, by the mind. This is about, as one of my students put it so well, a journey of self-conquest by the self itself. I look forward to meeting you, and being able to help you, to find back the way to freedom in trust. Let’s become what we are, in a creative act!

In practice
The consultation lasts thirty minutes or an hour. It can be a punctual consultation, or weekly, monthly, it’s up to you.